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Glossary of Ranks

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Glossary of Ranks

Post by The Grandmaster on Tue Feb 07, 2017 12:56 am

This is a complete list of all ranks in the Goldheart Company and their functions.

The rank automatically given to all new members of the Company. Has no special permissions.
Will be promoted to Apprentice after an in-character introduction involving an officer.
In-character, a person of this rank is not a member of the Company at all.

Basic member of the Company, able to recruit others.
Is expected to show up to events semi-regularly and contribute to the guild storyline.
Will be promoted to Warrior when an officer deems their "training" to be complete.

Full member of the Company with all basic privileges available to them.
Can withdraw freely from the guild bank and is a basic representative of the Company.
Still expected to show up semi-regularly, and also expected to occasionally attempt recruitment.

Basic officer. All lower ranks are expected to obey the orders of a Captain and those above, within reason, both in and out of character.
Captains and above are expected to attend events very regularly and must maintain order within the Company.
Captains and above must conduct regular recruitment in order to maintain their rank.

Financial officer. Does not have the full officer powers of a Captain but is considered to be of equal rank to one. The Auditor's word is law regarding the bank and guild traders, and they have sole authority to place bids on guild traders.
The Auditor cannot give orders in-character not relevant to the guild's finances, but they can still maintain the peace out-of-character.
Auditors are also given decorator permission within Goldheart Manor and are responsible for its in-character upkeep.
Auditors are exempted from the officer requirement to recruit, but are still expected to anyways.

Superior officer that assists in running the Company.
Has the majority of permissions and has all tools necessary to enforce peace in the guild, in and out of character.
The Champion's word is law, and they may override decisions made by Captains.
Captains that are performing exceptionally well may be granted the privilege of being made a Champion by the Grandmaster and Grand Champion.

Grand Champion and Grandmaster
Arivanya Niranye, played by @Zanoko, and Bogrog gro-Shub, played by @Eisotopius, are the owners of the Goldheart Company. They have total power and have sole authority to override Champion rulings, and they have the final word in all debates regarding guild rules.
In-character, the two are permanent residents of Goldheart Manor, which is owned and maintained primarily by Bogrog.
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