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Personnel File Template

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Personnel File Template

Post by The Grand Champion on Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:46 pm

The following template is optional, but it helps if you follow this to make sure your descriptions are detailed and to make sure we have some consistency between bios, but if you'd rather have one that looks totally different, go right ahead.
Feel free to add any information you want to your bio, because nobody can know it in-character until you mention it to them.

Account Name
This is the name that you use to log in, and it's also the name that displays on the guild roster.
Proper format is @yournamehere.

Character Name

Date of Birth
Remember that the guild's lore date is 2E593, 11 years after the events of the main game. Adjust birthdate accordingly.


A picture could go here if you want.

Physical Description
Describe their appearance.

Describe their personality

Describe your character's story so far.


[u][b]Account Name[/b][/u]

[b][u]Character Name[/u][/b]

[u][b]Date of Birth[/b][/u]

[img]Image goes here[/img]
[u][b]Physical Description[/b][/u]


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