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ESO Guild Rules and Information

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ESO Guild Rules and Information

Post by The Grandmaster on Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:14 am

The following are the rules of the guild within Elder Scrolls Online.
All rules are enforced at the discretion of online officers. Punishments for violations will vary accordingly.
These rules apply in-game and to the Elder Scrolls Online section of the forums (when possible).

Basic ESO Information

  1. The current year in guild lore is 2E593. The main quest of Elder Scrolls Online is set in the year 2E582. This generally shouldn't cause problems and won't come up often, but be prepared to acknowledge that the guild is set 11 years after the main story.
  2. Goldheart Manor, the primary residence of @Eisotopius0, is guild headquarters. Access is free and unlimited to all Goldheart Company members, and the building can be accessed by right-clicking @Eisotopius0 in the guild roster and selecting "Visit Primary Residence". A maximum of 24 people may be inside at any one time.
  3. All items within the guild bank are freely available to all members. Members with a rank below Warrior must request item withdrawals from a Warrior or above. Do not deposit any items into the guild bank that you are not prepared to give away.
  4. Lore information is derived mostly from the UESP and from the opinion of the guild's resident loremasters. Study UESP pages and ask a guild loremaster (indicated by "Lore Expert" in their note in the roster) if you are unsure about the lore behind something.

Out-of-character Rules

  1. Guild chat and forum discussion is to be kept civil at all times. Be polite and respectful; no bigotry; no real-world politics. Tamrielic politics are fine, and mentioning real news is fine but don't start any debates about real-world stuff.
  2. No overtly sexual discussion. Innuendo is fine as long as it's tasteful. As a rule of thumb, if it's more explicit than The Lusty Argonian Maid, it's too explicit. And, yes, that means the original version of The Real Barenziah that appeared in TES2 is considered too explicit, even though that is also an in-game text.
  3. No spam, no trolls, no begging, no soliciting for other guilds. It's fine to mention guilds and to name them if asked, but do not recruit for guilds here.
  4. All members must obey the commands of their superiors, within reason. Captains and above have authority in the guild chat and on the forums, and the rules are enforced at their discretion.
  5. Avoid plot spoilers for: the Harborage questline, the guild lines, all DLC zone lines, and the Bangkorai, Rift, and Reaper's March lines.
  6. If you are of a rank that can withdraw from the guild bank:

    • Do not withdraw the last item of its kind from the guild bank.
    • Do not withdraw the last 50 of a stack of any crafting material.
    • If you are withdrawing a stack of motif pages, Homestead blueprints, or other recipes, you may not keep more than one; learn the motif and deposit the rest.
    • When depositing items that already have a partial stack in the bank, withdraw that stack first, combine the stacks, then deposit the newly-combined stacks.
    • If you are able to withdraw money, do not withdraw any if the guild bank currently holds less than 5,000 coins.
    • Do not deposit bind-on-equip items that are below level CP160.

In-character Rules

  1. The chats /say, /emote, and /yell are all in-character. If you must make an out-of-character note in these chats, indicate it with two square brackets ( [[X]] ), parentheses ( ((X)) ), or curly braces ( {{X}} ).
  2. Do not mention the main questline, guild questlines, or any zone questlines with specific reference to your heroic achievements. It's fine to mention these events in passing, but do not act as if you are the hero in them. Do not at any point mention the ending of the main questline; assume that nobody has yet challenged Molag Bal at Heart's Grief, leaving the Planemeld still ongoing.
  3. If you have at any point been Emperor of Cyrodiil, do not pretend to have any real authority. The power of Cyrodiil is waning and your conquests are folly! Your name will not be marked among those of the legendary Emperors, for you are merely one of hundreds of the Interregnum's pretenders!
  4. There is an absolute prohibition on discussing in-character things that your character would have no way of knowing. If your character has not been told something, they do not know it and are not allowed to discuss it. Metagaming will not be tolerated. If you have questions about what your character does and doesn't know, ask out-of-character.
    When in doubt, assume your character would not know.
  5. Similarly, discussion of all events that occur in the lore after the year 2E593 is entirely off-limits.
  6. Your character is not all-powerful. Your character, unless they are a vampire or otherwise undead, is not immortal. Godmodding will not be tolerated. If you have questions about whether a character's powers are too extreme, consult an officer.
    When in doubt, assume it is too powerful.
  7. You may not kill or harm another player's character without their express permission. You may also not vandalize or destroy parts of the Goldheart Manor without permission from @Eisotopius0.
  8. ERP is strictly forbidden in public. If you want to have sexy funtimes, do it in a group and in private. Non-sexual romance is fine in public, but no sex. Again, if it's more explicit than The Lusty Argonian Maid, it's too explicit for public.
  9. If you have a character with vampirism, we will assume automatically that the vampirism is in-character. If your character is a vampire purely for the bonuses and is not actually a vampire in-character, you must inform an officer, who will mark this in your member note with "[NOT IC VAMP]" next to that character's name. This is because it is completely legitimate for a character to be able to identify a vampire by appearance alone, and should prevent false-positive identifications.
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