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Bogrog gro-Shub

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Bogrog gro-Shub

Date and Place of Birth
8 Midyear 2E554
Wayrest, Kingdom of Wayrest

Date, Place, and Cause of Death
Unknown, 2E586
Crestshade, Kingdom of Shornhelm
Exposure to Noxiphilic Sanguivoria


Physical Description
Bogrog is a large and tall Orc with a large upper body and plenty of muscle on his arms and legs. His hair is often kept in dreadlocks, and his beard is shaved on the sides and untouched in the middle, save for being tied up within itself to shorten it. He generally wears simple claw-shaped earrings and has a gold lion circlet on his brow. A keen eye might notice that he has a scar on the left side of his face, running down near his eye. He also has a scar indicative of a puncture wound on his chest, and so will rarely be without a shirt. His tusks are kept sharp and clean at all times.

No matter what he’s wearing, he’s always got a golden badge with an intricate heart-shaped emblem pinned to his clothes near his left lung. On his armor he attaches this badge to one of the leather bands running across his chest. He also has three leather pouches on his belt, their contents known only to Bogrog himself.

Bogrog never makes any attempts to hide his vampirism, and as such his condition is obvious to any that know what to look for.

Bogrog is a proud but seemingly easy-going Orc who has great knowledge of alchemy and magic. In most situations, he would prefer to keep to himself and those that he knows and trusts, and in these situations he demonstrates a fondness for his friends and a great sense of humor. When it comes time to do business, Bogrog adopts a much more serious demeanor and will outright refuse to discuss anything not related to the task at hand. He is fiercely protective of his friends and his employees, and will not allow them to come to harm in any way.

He has a lingering fondness of Nord mead, as it was his beverage of choice when he was a mortal, though he rarely drinks it now as he simply cannot taste normal food or drink anymore. He also greatly enjoys reading magical and scientific texts, and the popular series of books describing how the various races of Tamriel construct their arms and armor.

Bogrog has little tolerance for drunkards and Skoomaheads, and abhors murderers. He is a veteran of the Alliance War, and sees no purpose in its continuation and refuses to participate in it any further.

He accepts his condition fully, and as such will not mention it unless someone else does first, and makes no effort to conceal himself. Therefore, he is aware that people will notice, and that there are places that would be uncomfortable with someone of his kind. He would most likely avoid such places unless specifically invited to go there, but may very well end up wandering on in if something interesting seems to be happening.

He has a rather detailed knowledge of the Daedra.

To those that do not know him well, Bogrog seems to have little empathy and seems to care little for others; such people would be partially correct, for Bogrog does not care at all for people he does not know.


Bogrog was born in Wayrest in 2E554, 39 years ago, to a father serving in the Imperial Legion and a stay-at-home mother. He has a sister six years older than he, Magaza gra-Nozurga. The family was brought up reading and writing in the Daedric text, and worshipping the Daedra Malacath. His life in Wayrest was largely uneventful for the seven years he lived there. When he was seven years old, his mother was murdered in a manner indicating a vampire attack, though the perpetrator was never caught. As his father was away serving within the Legion in Cyrodiil at the time and was not expected to return to Wayrest any time soon, Magaza made the decision that the two should flee the city.

Thus, they ended up wandering through the Stormhaven wilderness, raiding unprotected merchants and anyone who might have supplies they needed to survive. This trend continued for eleven years, during which time the two also became capable game hunters and alchemists and moved throughout much of High Rock to avoid capture and punishment for the many crimes they had committed. At some point during this time, Magaza and Bogrog broke into a house in Rivenspire that they thought was empty, with the intention of looting it of anything that could be of use to them. Instead, they found the house to be occupied by a commoner who had been preparing a meal for his family. Unsure of what to do and afraid of being reported to the guards, Bogrog murdered the farmer and hid him in the wilderness.

Afterwards, the pair fled into Glenumbra, with Bogrog particularly having a long-lasting memory of the family he destroyed. Magaza and Bogrog would go on to kill another three innocents who tried to report their activites. Eventually, in the woods not far from Daggerfall, the two were preparing to assault an elderly, seemingly defenseless Orc who also happened to appear to be rather wealthy. As luck would have it, that particular Orc was Shub gro-Kesh, their father. They realized this and told him everything that had happened. Shub was generous, and gave each of them the money needed to pay off their bounties, and some extra to establish themselves in the Covenant as law-abiding citizens.

At this point, Magaza and Bogrog went their separate ways and would reunite only briefly and rarely, though they would communicate in writing often. Bogrog went to Daggerfall, where he became the apprentice to a local blacksmith, and would often visit the local tavern where he developed a taste for mead, often using money plundered from the market to buy some. When the blacksmithing work proved to no longer be sufficient and his raids on the market being too suspicious, Bogrog signed up as a mercenary with the local Fighters’ Guild. He held this job rather uneventfully for several years until the start of the Alliance War, when he eagerly signed up to fight on behalf of the Covenant.

After several years of service, he left the military and found himself a place in several High Rock-based guilds. During this time, he managed to convince the vampire head of one of his guilds to give him vampirism, which he claimed was so that he could fight for Malacath and the Covenant forever, but in reality he was feeling severely drained by all he had experienced, and knew himself to be near death, so made a bargain to gain immortality. The details of this exchange are known to none, not even to Bogrog himself, who barely remembers the ordeal.

Some time after gaining his vampirism, he broke away from his old guilds and formed the Goldheart Mercenary Company, and has been scouring all Tamriel for new recruits ever since. It is not unheard of for him to end up in the middle of territories belonging to those he once called his enemies in search of the very best.
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