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Asrielle Darmand, the Goldheart

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Asrielle Darmand, the Goldheart

Post by The Grandmaster on Tue Feb 14, 2017 8:05 pm

Asrielle Darmand

Date and Place of Birth
16 Frostfall 2E554
Wayrest, Kingdom of Wayrest


Physical Description
Asrielle is a Breton of average height and weight, and long, flowing blonde hair that is generally tied back into a veritable mass of braids. Typically, this hair is not visible, for in most situations Asrielle wears a hood and a mask to hide all but the uppermost parts of her face. She has a scar running across the left side of her face, and has yet more that she keeps hidden under her clothes at all times.

She is never seen without a locket about her neck, in the shape of a golden heart, with intricate designs carved into it. Generally, this is hidden within the layers of her clothes, but on the rare occasion that it is visible, its design is strikingly similar to the heart emblem carved into every Company badge. Only Asrielle knows what's inside her locket.

Asrielle is very quiet and withdrawn, rarely speaking to anyone except her friends, or on the off chance that someone manages to drag her into a conversation. She is very reluctant to trust people she meets, and is generally uncomfortable in any social situation.

When she is uncomfortable, she may be observed to whimper as would a dog; her ears would be seen to react in a similarly canine fashion, if only they were visible.


Asrielle Darmand was born in Wayrest in 2E554, 39 years ago. Coincidentally, she is just six months younger than her closest childhood friend, Bogrog gro-Shub, from whom she was nearly inseparable for the seven years Bogrog lived in Wayrest.

The rest of Asrielle's background is a complete secret for right now! She'll be the focus of the first guild quest, though, so hold on until then!
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